EDUCATE, ENERGIZE and ENGAGE…the three pillars of our program. Enroll your child today and watch them gradually improve before your eyes. We provide martial arts training for elementary through high school students whose parents are looking to improve their child's discipline, confidence, focus, respect and ability to work well with others.


This program is also for parents looking for an opportunity where children can burn off extra energy, make new friends in a fun, safe environment while learning

effective self-defense techniques. Martial arts training is excellent for boosting a child's educational performance by improving their ability to focus on a single task. 


Martial arts are also great for children with ADHD.  In several countries-- South Korea in particular, children begin martial arts training in elementary school. The belief is that martial arts create a well rounded child able to accomplish anything along with the discipline to steer clear of trouble and harmful distractions. A system that promotes focus, self confidence, determination and reward is essential to a child's successful future.

The Goals of our program are:
-To teach children Hapkido and various martial arts techniques using a “Think First”      approach.
- Build confidence, self-respect, discipline, and instill courtesy.
- Provide healthy alternatives to children dealing with stress, anxiety and obesity.
- Allow students show proficiency through belt testing
- Class size ranges from 10-20 students which ensures quality training and supervision
- Classes taught by Qualified, Certified Black Belts with proper training and EXTENSIVE    background checks.
- Length of class ranges by age of students:
o Age 4-5: 30-45 minutes

o Age 6-8: 45 -60 minutes

o Age 9 & up: Up to 1.5 hours

**There is a one time registration investment for each student; monthly tuition will be billed directly to parents, handled by I AM DEFENSE staff only. Tuition is due on the first of each month. Payments made after this time will incur a $15 late fee. Students will not be allowed to attend additional classes until the tuition AND Late fee are paid in full. All students are required to have a completed registration package upon arriving to their first day class. All supplies including uniforms (Do-Boks), workout shoes, sparring gear etc are purchased through I AM Defense. Outside uniforms and shoes are not permitted.